2/21/17: Birthday

So, I kind of don’t like birthdays. At least not my own.  It highlights for me the fact that I am disconnected from much of my family of origin, which isn’t a bad thing and has been my own choice, but can still be a tender spot. I don’t mind at all getting older–I’m pretty much loving my 40s to pieces–but the day itself is something I do not look forward to. However!  In spite of my eternal resistance and dread, I tend to end up enjoying my birthday every year. Because I’m surrounded by a lot of good people who send love my way and let me know they are glad I was born. Who doesn’t like to be told that people are glad they were born?  Plus cake! By the time evening comes (which is when I’m writing this), I have typically gotten over myself and come to appreciate all the wonderful things I do have, the family that has always been there for me, plus the one I’ve created with Dan and Claire and my friends. I am deeply lucky and blessed.

Coincidentally, today was also the day my kiddo passed her driving test. Big milestone for any kid, but for a family that lives 45 minutes away from the kid’s school, this is HUGE. She’s not getting a car, but she’ll have the use of one of ours on the weekends, and words cannot express how lovely that will be for everyone! I’m sure I’ll have minor heart attacks for a while every time she pulls out of the driveway on her own, but WHEW, we made it!

Today was fairly quiet in the library, so I made some stuff–some little LED robots made with hot glue and a snack bag.

Snack bag that is actually more like a pencil pouch

Cotton laminate is wonderful, but was too thick for my machine/needle once I was doing more than two layers, so I had to switch to hand sewing to pull it together. The snack bag was a prototype for a service project, and unfortunately wasn’t easy enough to work as a mass student project, but we’ll keep tweaking and try a bigger needle in the machine to see what we can come up with. I by mistake bought a TON of cotton laminate fabric (ordered online, had no clue how long the bolts were; I got a great deal!), so I’ve got to figure out something that the kids can do with it.

Making stuff feels good. I’ve been writing some, doing some rewarding lessons on media bias, and now, today, making stuff again. When this old world starts getting me down, I need to go back to the things I can count on to lift my spirits.

If my 48th year on this earth is as rewarding as my 47th, I will be able to handle that. Maybe at some point I’ll even stop dreading my birthday.


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